Monday, December 12, 2011

Flash sync speed

Congratulation!  You have bought the Nikon D5100 (recently); this was your first DSLR, you were really happy about the camera and the quality of the photographs. One day you noticed something about your camera, when you are into manual (M) or shutter priority (S) mode with a shutter speed more than (>) 200th of a second to capture a beautiful moment in bright day light which requires a flash. So you popup the on-camera flash and realized something going weird about your camera setting, the shutter speed comes down to 1/200 second. When you close down the flash the shutter speed goes back to >200th of a second.

Wondering? whats going wrong? Is there something wrong with the camera? 
The answer is know NO :)

The Nikon D5100 supports flash synchronization at up to 1/200s or slower.  The D5100 does not support Auto FP High Speed Sync, which means 1/200 is the highest sync speed officially supported. The built-in flash or an external speed light will sync only up to 1/200 second.
Is there a way to make the D5100 support Auto FP High Speed Sync flash? 
Again the answer is NO.

The Nikon D5100 is a camera targeted towards the budget-minded/amateur market also most of the users might not be troubled by lack of inbuilt control over this type of feature and as a result the Auto FP feature is missing.

Even with an external Auto FP compatible flash, such as the SB-600/700/800/900, the D5100 cannot perform Auto FP high speed flash sync.

You might have not noticed the below image when you have bought the D5100 camera.

Congratulations again :) You have improved your Photography skills. 
You have grown to next level.
Happy shooting!
Nikon D5100 Flash sync speed  Shutter Speed 1/200 D5100 200  Fastest Shutter Speed with Flash Nikon D5100  sync speed

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